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Founded in 2007, BRIDGE (dba Multicultural BRIDGE) is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing equity and justice by promoting cultural competence, positive psychology, and mutual understanding and acceptance. The organization acts as a catalyst for change through collaboration, education, training, dialogue, fellowship and advocacy. We are a minority and women run non-profit certified by the Office of Supplier Diversity of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (SDP) Our certified competencies are training, education, language access, and multicultural awareness.

BRIDGE connects vulnerable community members with key resources and networks, while also providing education to both local institutions and the community at large. Learn more about our programs and community services. We also can be contracted to provide consultation, training, translation services and other support for businesses looking to ensure equity in their workplaces. Learn more about our fee-based services for businesses.

BRIDGE is a small-but-mighty diverse team of trained educators, facilitators, and advocates. We have an engaged Board of Directors and Advisory Council, and a robust group of volunteers and activists in our midst. Our main offices are in Lee, MA, but we have worked with schools, businesses, organizations, town governments and more throughout the county, state and across the country.

In 2015, BRIDGE was recognized as a Berkshire Trendsetter for non-profit impact by OneBerkshire, and has also been cited by researchers as a best community-based practice in preventing hate crimes. Our advocacy efforts have led to the adoption of local policies and practices in towns and businesses to support equity and justice. 

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